Derwent Valley and North Hobart Tour

Take a tour with us through the Northern suburbs of Hobart and beyond into the Derwent Valley, home of the Tasmanian hop growing industry. You’ll get to see a farmhouse brewery, taste rum distilled on the grounds of an old mental hospital and take a step back in time at a brew set looks like it came straight out of the Cold War. All tours are all inclusive and will include lunch on the day.


Your tour will include:

  • - A rum tasting and distillery tour
  • - Lunch at one of Hobart’s local favourite bars
  • - Tastings at one of Australia’s premier farmhouse breweries
  • - A guided gin tasting


Please note, this tour requires two attendees to go ahead and the itinerary may be subject to change.


Places we can visit on your tour:

Two Metre Tall Brewery


Just around the corner from Tasmania’s largest hop fields, Two Metre Tall are a farmhouse brewery that focus on spontaneously fermented ales that provide a unique insight into the idea of terroir. Keep an eye out for their Sparkling Mead.


New Norfolk Distillery


Tasmania’s only dedicated producer of rum, New Norfolk Distillery is housed in the Alonnah building on the grounds of the old Willow Court psychiatric ward and is dedicated to reinvigorating one of Tasmania’s oldest towns. They also have Eleventh Order Brewery, right next door.


Albert Brewery

One of Tasmania's newest breweries, The Albert Brewery are dedicated to making crisp and clean Bavarian lagers. Utilising long cold conditioning and a unique Dutch brew set, the team at The Albert are turning out remarkably pure, crisp beer.

7K Distillery


7K Distillery, founded by Tyler Clark, was initially located in Brighton, but was recently moved to Derwent Park. With a focus on sustainability, 7K always seek to make the most of their ingredients, reusing gin botanicals and spent fruit to create new amaro styles. Home to the World's Hottest Gin, you don't want to miss out on this one.


Derwent Distillery

Derwent Distillery was founded by Robbie and Emma Gilligan on the bank of the Derwent River, underneath Mount Dromedary. Robbie and Emma produce The Last Sanctuary gin with botanicals foraged from their own land and a portion of sales going towards the protection of the Spotted Handfish. As well as gin, the Gilligans have been laying down malt whisky, with an exciting mix of cask styles.


BrewLab recently opened in Derwent Park in Hoabrt's Northern Suburbs. BrewLab is dedicated to showcasing quality Tasmanian beers and also houses a unique contract brewery at it's rear, currently brewing beers for themselves and Big Red Brewing.

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