Launceston and Tamar Valley Brewery and Distillery Tour

Take a trip with us through the picturesque Tamar Valley and we’ll take you to see some of our hand selected distilleries, breweries and cider makers. You’ll get a chance to go behind the scenes to learn about the making and careful ageing of whisky. We’ll also show you around a brewhouse and a lovely organic cidery. Tours are all inclusive and include lunch on the day. We can also arrange hotel pick-ups and drop offs.


Your tour will include:

  • - A whiskey tasting flight and distillery tour.
  • - A beer paddle and lunch in Beaconsfield
  • - A cider tasting from some of the best in the Apple Isle
  • - A guided gin tasting


Please note, this tour requires four attendees to go ahead. The itinerary may be subject to change, as needed.

Places we can visit on your tour:

Launceston Distillery


Housed in the original Ansett hangar at Launceston airport, Launceston Distillery focus on traditional Scottish style single malts using Tasmanian malted barley. Their whiskies are aged in a mixture of ex-bourbon, sherry and port casks.


Brady’s Lookout Cider


Housed in Rosevears, just off the Tamar River, Brady’s Lookout practice organic farming in their 3rd generation orchard. All of their cider is produced using the ‘Methode Traditionelle’, or champagne method allowing the cider to develop complex flavours, whilst showcasing the heritage cider varietals they work with.


Adam’s Distillery


Situated in Perth, just outside of Launceston, Adam’s Distillery was founded by two friends with a passion for gin and whisky on Glen Ireh Estate and are one of only a few distilleries to have a cooperage on site. Having just taken home the coveted award of best Southern Hemisphere whisky in the Jim Murray Whisky Bible, these guys are on to something.


Miner’s Gold Brewery


Miner’s Gold are in the mining town of Beaconsfield, near the mouth of the Tamar River. The brewery has been lovingly transformed from the old accommodation of the Chief Mining Engineer and is now home to two different breweries. Miner’s Gold focuses on classic styles, whilst Ocho release a range of seasonal IPA’s and love to use yeast varieties that are a bit different to what you’ll find in most craft breweries.


Turner Stillhouse


Turner Stillhouse are producing an award-winning range of gins as they patiently await their maturing whisky. Their Three Cuts gin range features organic juniper, rose and white pepper and their whisky is made in both Scottish and American styles.


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